“Help me to do it myself.”

The Sunflower team are highly qualified and motivated. They understand the responsibility and privilege of helping your child realise her full potential. Our staff are drawn from many nationalities.

Our dedicated staff

Although Sunflower operates primarily in English and French (2 afternoons per week) the staff speak 15 languages therefore when your child starts at Sunflower communication will not be a problem. The role of the teacher in a Montessori classroom is best described by Dr. Montessori herself: “Our aim is not only to make the child understand, and still less to force him to memorize, but so to touch his imagination as to enthuse him to his innermost core”. At Sunflower our staff are trained in the Montessori method and relish their role in the classroom and the enormous impact they have on your child’s developing mind and personality.

Montessori training

Sunflower believes that Montessori education is a great way to help your child realise his full potential. The role of the Montessori teacher is key and Sunflower continuously trains all our staff in the Montessori method. Naomi Misiuk is a qualified child-care educator and holds a Montessori diploma from Saint Nicholas Montessori College in London. Naomi’s role is to continuously train our classroom staff. She rotates between the various classrooms ensuring that the Montessori environment is properly prepared and working with the staff to ensure best Montessori practice in the classroom. In addition Sunflower holds regular dedicated Montessori workshops for our staff. Once a year we invite a leading Montessori trainer to Luxembourg for an intensive weekend and we also invite our parents to an evening session.


The Management

Sunflower was founded by Helen Clarke and Samantha O’Dea. Friends for many years they both studied at St. Nicholas Montessori College, London and then went on to teach at Rainbow Montessori School in London. Helen and Sam are mothers themselves and have also faced the challenges of balancing work-life with bringing up young children.
Tom O’Dea is the third Director of Sunflower. As a co-owner he has been involved in the administration since 2001. He is responsible for all the back office tasks and the general business administration. Tom is a qualified engineer with many years of management experience in the telecommunications sector. Tom holds a BSc and MBA. He joined Sunflower full-time in 2014.
Ellen is our senior manager . Ana is responsible for the Galileo crèche and Andreia for Moutfort. Zsuzsanna manages Bertrange and Dorotea Eagle

Bus drivers and buddies

Sunflower recently launched its Bus Service. Sunflower Montessori Crèche also offers a pickup service from your child’s school to a Sunflower location of your choice. Your child can enjoy a hot lunch followed by an afternoon of Montessori activities and outside fun. Both buses have a driver and “bus buddy”.


Sunflower chef

We are delighted to announce that we have a collaboration with Mini Rosell.  The company use our purpose built, professional kitchen in Moutfort and we have a team of dedicated staff. We consult with the chef and the dietician to formulate the best menu for your children. Mini Rosell use a lot of bio products and locally sourced quality ingredients. We provide separate menus for the children, the babies, children with allergies or intolerances and vegetarian children. If your child has any other special dietary requirements these can be discussed with our chef.