Mealtime at Sunflower

Mealtimes are not just about eating at Sunflower Montessori. They also represent an important social setting, in which the children play a critical role.

Montessori Mealtime

Sunflower has teamed up with Mini Rosell Traiteur,  a department of Eurest dedicated to providing food to Crèches in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. In addition to a preference for locally-sourced and organic products, the menu planning promotes balanced choices, quality and variety. We benefit from the expertise of their dietician and food hygienist and safety services.

The children have a morning snack of juice, milk or water, and a selection of fresh seasonal fruit so they can experience various tastes.

The afternoon snack is more substantial. Typically, we serve fresh vegetables or fruit, cheese and biscuits, various sandwiches, pancakes, yoghurts and fruit purees. Of course, any child with food allergies can have their meals adjusted accordingly.

The Social Experience of Montessori Mealtimes

Outside of the family, the crèche is often the child’s first social experience of mealtimes. We believe it is important to develop the child’s social skills, and meal times are very important in this respect. The children lay and clear the tables. They serve the food and drinks to each other and then sit together to enjoy the meal, which becomes an educational and social occasion promoting good manners and healthy eating habits.

After the meal the children set the chairs aside in a tidy row and enjoy biscuits. A child shares biscuits with their friends. We all sing a song while washing with flannels, and the children prepare themselves for the daily nap. Some children bring along a favourite cuddly toy to snuggle up with. The children listen to a story and then go to sleep. Older children enjoy a quiet time in cosy corners with books and winding-down activities.

This is a special time for bonding with individual staff.

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